Residential apartment (Dacia)

The organization of this apartment started from a fancy scenario, of French influence. The influences can be found at almost all levels: the chromatic is natural and balanced, the fabrics are soft and silky, while most of the accessories are vintage, being grouped in an assembly of artistic look.

The living design was contoured around the table element and the decorating cushions belong to Designers Guild. One corner of the living we created a relaxation area for friends chats, by placing a Mis en Demeure armchair. For a more intimate corner, it creates a simple and elegant composition for well-deserved relaxation moments.

The matrimonial bedroom has a feminine look and it confers a sensation of calm and beauty. The bed end was upholstered with Sanderson fabric, while the bedside tables belong to Mis en Demeure. The bed banquette and cloths support also come from the same provider. For a refreshing sleep, choose vaporous fabrics and neutral colors to contribute to the creation of a comfortable ambient.

As the owners wanted their kitchen to be organized in refined lines, our designers conceived a special bespoke furniture.

The advantage of bespoke furniture pieces is represented by that they correspond to both clients and available space limitations’ requests. The kitchen elegance is also due to the combination of sober colors. The black of the counter top and stove, together with the mauve of the chairs are better underlined because of the sparking white of the furniture.

The bathroom is in sparkling white and the copper elements and ornaments are real decorative jewels meant to adorn this bathroom. For the bathroom, we also used bespoke furniture, precisely to create the furniture according to the owners’ taste. This bathroom is a dream came true!

In order to keep some of the retro atmosphere of the building, we chose ceramic finishing in stylized patterns or embossed model (for the kitchen and bathroom). We used elegant wooden parquet for the floors.

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