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A nostalgic and enchanting selection of magical wallpapers, inspired by the classic childhood stories and
fairy tales of our youth.

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Whimsical Woods & Stars

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By combining two Cole & Son classics, we have produced the charming and enigmatic Woods & Stars paper. Printed in seven colour moods ranging from cool neutrals and metallic through to midnight blue and inky black, Woods and Stars ushers you into the most fairy-tale of worlds.

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Contemporary Restyled

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Colectia Contemporary Restyled reprezinta o abordare noua a modelelor consacrate. Aceasta reinsufleteste modelele populare din arhiva vasta a marcii, inclusiv colectiile mult iubite Woods, Cow Parsley, Orchid, Hicks Hexagon, Palm Leaves and Flamingos.

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Whimsical Melville

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Melville takes its inspiration from those fantastic fictional seafaring journeys of our past. With its finely engraved turtle bearing whales gliding to and fro on an ocean of gentle waves, Melville is offered in five colourings of soft and dark charcoal, aqua-green, cloudy grey and a stormy midnight and bronze.

Whimsical Paddy & Louis Border click pentru detalii

Whimsical Paddy & Louis Border

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Providing a witty take on a classic Cole & Son archival paper, Paddy & Louis features two mischievous cats and an elusive mouse hiding atop a regency style block moulding, this paper comes in a single colouring of stone and tabby. In addition it measures 34cm high with the cat and mouse trio repeating twice within a 7 metre roll.

Aldwych – Albemarle – Cole & Son click pentru detalii

Aldwych – Albemarle – Cole & Son

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An updated rococo style damask wallpaper design taken from the Cole & Son archive, and named after the famous London crescent and theatre. This pattern features elaborate leafy scrolls and is printed using highlights of textured glitter in dramatic charcoals, golds, crimson, jade and ultramarine. Available in six colourways!

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Embrace romanticism with Albemarle, a sumptuous collection of damask prints named after an infamous bohemian London private members club opened in 1874, the collection evokes the glamorous and poetic era of the 18th & 19th centuries. Each of the nine designs references a cultural icon or gem of the time.

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Collection Fornasetti II

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Formata din cincisprezece modele, colectia Fornasetti II se mandreste cu un repertoriu de tematici pline de magie, cu tapete emblematice si dezirabile in acelasi timp. Motive excentrice de masini zburatoare ireale, detalii arhitecturale, maimute jucause, chei si bufnite, toate dintr-o lume teatrala si nastrusnica.

Byron – Albemarle click pentru detalii

Byron – Albemarle

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Un tapet de damasc elegant cu pauni auriti, redati in pretioase nuante minerale de smarald, cupru, combinatie de verde si albastru, alb acrilic si grafit. Inspirat de adoratia victoriana pentru pasarile ornamentale, imprimeul este opulent si exotic. Disponibil in sase culori de combinatie de verde si albastru, violet, culoarea carbunelui, argintiu, alb acrilic si auriu.

Collection Archive Traditional click pentru detalii

Collection Archive Traditional

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The Archive Traditional collection has been drawn from the wonderful resource of the Cole & Son archives. These 12 designs and one texture incorporate not only patterns that are well known, but also some that have not seen the light of day for many decades.

Collection Foundation click pentru detalii

Collection Foundation

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Alcatuita din zece modele, colectia este influentata de materialele de constructie folosite in arhitectura si de suprafetele reabilitate. Materiale precum metalul, lemnul, marmura si betonul au servit drept inspiratie pentru aceasta colectie. Modelele sunt o combinatie de idei noi si imprimeuri din arhiva vasta a Cole & Son.

Fluturi si libelule nastrusnice click pentru detalii

Fluturi si libelule nastrusnice

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Provenind din arhivele Cole & Son, acest design elegant frapeaza prin dimensiune. Ilustreaza la scara mare fluturi si libelule grafice, in culori metalice lucioase, pe fundal neutru racoros, cu un bonus de smarald verde neobisnuit si auriu pe un fundal de culoarea carbunelor, si un roz vibrant aplicat pe albastru.